Monday, April 8, 2013

PIGS! Three small ones in fact, and some old news.

*I keep updating it, as I realize I need to push it further! That's just how it goes.

So some crazy stuff has happened recently (here's a bit more info if you haven't heard it from me already) . In short, I'm looking for any and all animation opportunities. So I want to start building a new portfolio, and wanted to take a super simple story and try to do some visual development work for it as if I were building a real project. So i'm working on a version of three little pigs! So this is in progress, and I may change the designs as things evolve/ as I decide what would be fun to do next. Let me know what you think, and if you know of any sweet visual developement gigs please email me!!


Hannah Tuohy said...

Those big are wonderful! Great work!

Hannah Tuohy said...


ebv said...

Sean--look for an email from Erin in the next while. She ran into some guys on the flight home from LA who are looking to start an animation studio in Ogden, UT. She's trying to nail down their contact info.